Final preparations

We're getting closer to opening the campsite this Easter.

Bookings are looking good, so we're hoping for an improvement in the weather. But I have learned over time that is one thing I can’t control. Having a campsite in Brittany means that we can have 4 seasons in one day. Certainly, last week I was working in my shorts and this week we have had snow and the fire has been lit every night. Having looked at the forecast, Easter weekend now looks set to be sunny and 20 degrees here in Commana.

Luckily, we got most of the outside work completed and can now concentrate on the inside jobs. We have managed to have some down time too as, once the season begins, we know we will be full on working 7 days a week. It has been lovely having lunch with friends, going to markets and pubs.

I am feeling much more grounded this year and a sense of developing friends and a social life, which is lovely. It's always hard if you are transient which is what we are really.

Life has very varied days. One minute reupholstering a bed that is going to be gorgeous in the Love Shack. The next, strimming, cleaning toilets and clearing wood. This time we have given ourselves more time to get prepared and I think that we have needed it. I have felt quite calm about the opening and know that we have not pushed ourselves too much.

We are getting older. The inevitable march of time... Mr H is 60 this year so we have to pace ourselves! Things that even a few years ago we would have just got on with take some thinking about. Hedge cutting was an example. A few years ago he would have zipped round with the hedge cutter, this year it was all done in stages. So, we are taking things more slowly and being kind to ourselves.

We are used to putting the glamping tents up but every year there is a bit of a contretemps about where we are putting them and how they go up. They are all up now and we know what we need to order. You never can tell how they are going to winter. Our bell tents usually have a couple of years' life span mainly because of our beautiful trees dropping sap on them.

This year Mr H saw a cover for the bell tents online so he ordered two. Of course, the day we put them up was a drama. The sun was out but it was very windy and with no instructions on the new covers it was all guess work. We surmised that you had to lay the cover on the tent while it was on the floor as there was no way that you would be able to throw it over after it was erected.

This cover turned into a sail many times so it was a comedy. We eventually succeeded and I must say it looks the part now, so I have great hopes that we can extend the life of the bell tents.

So, the final few days before the opening and who knows what this season will bring as we are in such strange times.

Will people come camping and who will it be??? We will soon find out.

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