Getting on with it

Lots to do...

I have been reading back on my blogs and looking at how we have progressed over the years.

I realised that there are still plenty of things that I need to do; things I have been planning over time.

Some I have done and other things I still have in my mind.

I noticed that as we finished last year I was thinking of having a winter without working, being a grandma and finishing my book. I started writing that 2 years ago when I was recovering from a hip replacement and subsequent broken leg. I clearly didn’t do that as I was offered a temporary job as I was coming home on the ferry and the draw to work was too much for me to decline it. Despite my best intentions. It made me realise how hard it must be to retire permanently.

My book is still sat there half finished, there is time to do that. I am now keeping a journal which will help me to remember things to finish the book off with and tell the story of how we got to Brittany running a campsite.

My plans for this year include the snack shack, which started and was a success last year. I still consider that a practice year and have more plans and more choice of snacks on offer.

I am currently renovating a bed for the Love shack which I hope will be beautiful. At the moment I am stripping it down and with the help of a very clever friend will put it back together for the new season.

My third project is renovating a vintage caravan into lovely accommodation for a couple, with a deck to sit out and enjoy the surroundings. At the moment it would be more at home in a bush tucker trial so I have my work cut out.

Mr H is stressing about his precious (tractor) mower which is playing up at the moment, we will know tomorrow if it's terminal. It has been with us from the start so owes us nothing really.

Can you believe that we have been doing this for 8 years? Some days it seems that we have been here for ever, we need to take stock of how far we have come.

Now that I am at the campsite and back in Brittany, I really enjoy getting on and pushing Mr H to his limits having daft ideas some which will come to fruition and some we will talk about for years and never do.

We have 4 weeks to get on with it before we open at Easter……….and I am loving it.

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