The sun is shining and off we go!

We are basking in lovely spring sunshine here at Camping Le Drennec. I am feeling rejuvenated after a week’s break with some girlfriends. Me and another friend from France met them all in Benidorm.

We had a great adventure as we drove. We stayed in AirBnB's which let me check out the kind of accommodation that people were offering. This culminated in staying in a little yacht in La Rochelle.

We had a great time catching up with friends and exploring France and Spain. It was a huge drive but quite easy. Also, no need to show passports in the Schengen area.

It was good to get back though, as we are lucky enough to live in a glorious area. The last leg from my friend's house I climbed into the Mont D’Arrée with St Michel's lake one side and the chapel and crest on the other and it was probably one of the best views all trip, so I feel blessed.

While I was idling away the week, Mr H was left with full campsite duties and French communication. He managed very well I am pleased to say. Of course, he had Bobby and Digger to help him out.

The more time that I am here I am swaying to spending less time in the UK and this season it has been a topic of conversation between us. I think that we both realise that we are feeling more at home here now than ever before. There is still the pull of family back in the UK so, as we say, it’s complicated.

Andrew is going back to see his mum at the end of June so I will be left holding the reins then. I have a lot to live up to, as he did so well.

This season I feel unable to predict what will happen. The last 2 during Covid have been very busy with French and other Europeans who could travel. We hardly had any English campers at all. So will the French go abroad now the restrictions have been lifted? We are getting bookings from the English again and its nice to have them back on site. Who and how many will come? It's always a bit of a gamble. We have built up a good reputation which I am very proud of, so fingers crossed we will have a good season.

There are so many times when we meet people, and we end up having something in common only today I met a couple from Sheffield who knew someone I had worked with. As they say, it’s a very small world.

Now I am back it's time to plant the hanging baskets and tubs. I have to go to get them without Mr H as he can’t stand the amount of money that I spend, but it makes the campsite look welcoming and pretty.

The other thing that I have finally got round to doing is stocking local produce in the shop. I now have tasty jams and a range of fruit juices from St Cadou. We have local beer from The Brasserie An Alarch again up the road. I also have a stock of soaps, candles and all sorts of goodies from Sarnia Savons. It's great to build up networks with other local businesses.

I am also just arranging to have the summer markets, with a bar and live music in July and August on a Wednesday night. I am looking forward to it all.

So with the freezer stocked with ice cream the weather improving every day, here we go again.

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