Renovation, reservations and reviews

It's getting busy!

Last weekend was the first big bank holiday of the season in France. As always it caught us unawares till the last minute when I realised that all of the glamping accommodation had been reserved.

The Day itself was Thursday and it gave everyone the chance to have a long weekend or a "pont" as they call it in France. It was the busiest May weekend we had ever had. The busiest May full stop.

The weather was good and the campsite was full so it was a great weekend for everyone. By the end of it though we were fairly worn out and were glad to have a quiet day Sunday and Monday even with loads of laundry from the accommodation. Mind you I have a supersized ironing board now so it's easier. I never thought that I would utter those words as I was not a great ironer of clothes in my past life. I once remember one of mine coming across an iron in a cupboard and asking, "What’s this"?

Still, none of us ever suffered for being a bit creased. I think that ironing the bed linen for the tents and cabin is essential. There is nothing quite like freshly ironed clean sheets.

We do work really hard. I am sure a few people think, "Oh they are on their jollys in France again". I remember my daughter coming over to help after she had finished university and suddenly said, “It’s a proper business isn’t it?” It is 7 days a week while we are here.

It is a proper business and so far we have managed it by ourselves but that is getting difficult now as we increase trade. This year we will be employing someone in July and August which will be a first for us and a whole new set of paper work to get my head around.

The increase in business is fed by reviews, word of mouth and a good internet presence which in these days is all important. We also have good relationships with Tourist Information and are very competitively priced which in these days of increasing costs is a big issue.

Reviews can be lovely and make me smile all day if they are positive. We work hard to keep our review rating high then, bam, someone puts a stinker on there. I have told myself don’t let it affect you most are great but it still ruins my day.

Top issues for bad reviews are phone reception and wifi, which we have never been able to have due to the area the campsite is in. So I find it frustrating as we don’t advertise that we have either.

We are still waiting for fibre optic. One day it will arrive. But, in the meantime people continue to enjoy our trees, tranquillity and nature in the campsite. Whether it's bird song, wild boars rifling my bins in the night or the otters on the lake. Kids soon get into making dens in the wood and playing in the lake.

The glamping is very popular again this year. I have had to get another bell tent because I double-booked it earlier in the year. We are also renovating a vintage caravan that will be a new accommodation for 2 on the campsite. It will be beautiful. I think that we are a couple of weeks from completion, but I am excited about the finished result.

It's all going on here. There are never 2 days the same. This weekend is another bank holiday, and all of the glamping is booked out. However, before that kicks off I have to contend with 160 naval recruits from a local flotilla with their officers and fighter pilots. Top Gun here we come! Next week it's Maverick at the cinema.

Wish me luck. It’s a hard task hopefully we are up to it.

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