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Fishing paradise

This week the fly fisherman have arrived it is their season on the lake and they take it very seriously.

They come from all over the place and will spend hours standing in the lake casting it must be a very peaceful way to spend the day.

We are still getting travellers in camper vans and the weekends are busy with glampers and love shackers.

Mr H and I are busy with the jobs that we didn't do at the beginning of the season. Currently I am staining some bits of wood that will improve the ceilings in our toilets and showers. The bushes have all been rounded off again. We are also having a mural on the entrance wall and a new website that means people will be able to see availability and book directly from that. Exciting times.

I always have mixed feelings at this time. I feel a phew that we have survived the busy season, bereft that its all coming to an end for this year, excited planning for next year and getting those jobs done, looking forward to having a brief holiday. I think that this year we will keep close by and look for a gite near the sea where we can sit and do nothing for a few days as it has been really intense this year.

Oh and I have just bought a load of bulbs to plant do the easter campers will get some colour in the garden.

Now we have to decide when and how we will come back to the uk this winter. At the moment I feel that plans are difficult. We need to be flexible and have a contingency......

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