Nous sommes fermé jusqu'au 7 avril 2023 | We are closed until 7th April 2023


This morning is beautiful at Camping au Lac Du Drennec. The sky is blue, there is a mist on the lake you do need a coat though.

I have noticed that the trees are starting their autumn change the tips of the beeches slightly on the turn. We look like we are in for a good few days now the perfect time for an autumn break if you have been busy all summer.. Certainly we are getting bookings , The love shack is proving popular, I have just advertised it on air b and b and its flying out for short breaks. I have bought some more blankets for the tents as they are busy too and of course the mornings and evenings are colder so clients need to wrap up warm.

We are still busy with lots of jobs. I have to have a list and am quite pleased with the number of things that have been crossed off this week. Of course there will be things that get added to the start of next weeks list. We are completing a lot of ground work at the moment while the weather is good, hedges and bushes being trimmed and neglected areas being bought up to scratch again which you cant do whilst there are a lot of people on. I am going to get lots of bulbs to plant this year as we will be opening at Easter which is April 2nd. Well I suppose we will have to see what happens on the covid front.

Andrew was invited to a local brewery yesterday and enjoyed it the brewer was from New Zealand. He had a bar in an industrial unit near La Feuille which is the highest village in Brittany. He took the guys on a brewery tour and they tasted the beer.

Obviously lots of ideas were sprung around the table including a camping le Drennec beer festival which I am really enthusiastic about so we will see if we can make it happen.

We are getting lots of bookings already for next summer so fingers crossed it will be good. This year has been amazing, hard work mind you. I do think that we have been discovered and people on their staycations in France have found our beautifiul little corner of Brittany and loved it. It was lovely yesterday a good client of ours was telling me that they met lots of new friends on the campsite this summer and that emails were already flying round so that they could visit here again all together.

Out of a horrible year new friendships have flourished .........

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