Camping fermé entre 26 septembre et 15 avril / Campsite closed between 26th September and 15th April

Fin de saison

All change…….

The autumn leaves are really beginning to fall now and there is a change in the air. The campsite is full of fly fishermen now and serious work it is too.

I look back at last year’s bookings and it's all the same names. It's great to see them year after year. I love checking out the trout they have caught, there are some massive ones and very tasty they are too.

A few weeks ago in the midst of August, I was desperate for the season to come to an end. That was when we were full on and exhausted. Now it's finally arrived it's very sad.

We took the glamping and bell tents down yesterday which is a huge job and not for the faint hearted. I dread it every year so today I feel like we have achieved, and, I have managed to sort everything into its winter place.

The snack shack is now closed. What a great success that was and I kind of enjoyed it in some kind of sadistic way, it was very hard work added on to the rest. Do I need to do it? I think that it added to the ambiance of the campsite and provided a service that people liked. French clients were quite amazed by the converted horse trailer which in the UK are very common for bars, pizzas and cafes. I don’t think I have seen a snack shack though!!!

Meanwhile we still have guests that need bread and clean showers and toilets, so the daily toil continues right till the end. It’s certainly been an interesting few years and mostly I think that we did the right thing making the move. We do hope that this winter we can concentrate on the new grandchildren and renovating the house, that we might not have to go to work. That is of course unless something really exciting comes up. I also want to finish my book armed with this year's notes !!!

We finally shut the gates on the 26th September and then it is the dash back to the UK for the imminent birth of the twins - our first grandchildren. I have booked a posh cabin on the boat. I think we have earned it. And then in a heartbeat life will change again. Who knows what shape it will take?

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