Nous sommes fermé jusqu'au 7 avril 2023 | We are closed until 7th April 2023

Unseasonable weather

Is summer on its way? We hope so...

So far, the season has been a very different one. There have been curfews, no bars open locally, and we are all still wearing masks and following covid guidelines with regards to keeping distance, disinfecting, and cleaning regimes. Who would have thought that we would still be doing all this in 2021?

Then there has been the weather, this has ranged from lovely 20-degree days to 4 degrees and the other day the campsite was white over with hail!!! That was a first for us.

Still, we have plenty of hardy campers to keep us busy. Firstly, there are the fly fishermen. They like it cold but not too cold. They are a little community all of their own. There is one chap who comes and has been coming here for 30 years. He knows Joel our neighbour who used to run Camping Le Drennec when it was a municipal site before she retired. She still just lives down the road and visits most days on her walks. We had cleared an old sunken path this year and Joel was telling me that it was the path that they bought the cows down to graze in an area that is now flooded by the lake. How things must have changed in this area over the years.

Local history is fascinating and there is plenty to discover in the Monts D’Arree. A place of a hard but spiritual life in the past that you can track locally from the recently restored linen wash house to the covered burial chamber, the well of St Jean, the tracks to the slate quarries and the farming museums all within walking distance of the campsite.

You can also see it in the many festivals in local villages and the traditional dancing and songs which are often relevant to key times locally, from harvesting crops to fishing.

Let’s hope that we can get some of these festivals back this summer, if we are careful and socially distance.

Mind you, out in the fresh air, camping makes us all feel better after a few months of lock downs, curfews and bad weather. I am going to camp this weekend as the Restaurant Au Lac is opening. Terrace only at the moment so we might go for a drink and a crepe, walk back along the beach, listen to the bird song and look at the stars which make this campsite so special. Might see you there.

We have got some free glamping in June so why not book a weekend under the stars. You can book directly from the website now.

See you soon.


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