Camping fermé entre 26 septembre et 15 avril / Campsite closed between 26th September and 15th April

New Life

The end of a season, and the beginning of something new

The campsite is now closed for the season. During the busy period I had been desperate for the season to end so we could have a rest. Then, when we were taking everything down and packing away, I was morose. Another season over.

This year however we had reason to be excited with the birth of our first grandchildren. Our daughter had twins Rosie and Jacob, and beautiful they are too.

You forget how small and helpless babies are but Hatty and her partner Rob are doing an amazing job and seem to be natural parents. So we are now back in the UK for a while being doting grandparents and doing some much needed house renovations.

The Uk is so much busier than France. Last time we were here we couldn’t see friends or go anywhere. It was in lock down so it's been a long time since we had some fun with mates or visited an English pub. Pubs being the thing I miss living in rural Brittany for a large part of the year. There is nothing finer than walking the dogs and stopping for a pint and a pickled egg half-way round.

We often discuss where we prefer to be and I have come to the conclusion that we feel equally at home in both places and, as I say to my customers, we have the best of both worlds.

We are still busy with campsite work though, updating our pages on various platforms and making changes where we can based on reviews and feedback from customers. We are hoping to enlarge our glamping stock this year with a vintage caravan that we will be renovating in the early spring. It should make a lovely place to stay next summer so watch out for the launch next year.

The snack shack did very well and I feel that most people enjoyed it. I am looking at how to manage it next year. It will probably be open most nights in July and August with limited weekend openings in the low season, with dishes of the days that will be advertised during the week. Watch this space.

So I am now sat in my office in the UK doing the tedious stuff so that we can hit the floor running when we get back. I need to get it done as I have agreed to a temporary job in health and social care once more so will be starting that next week.

We are also hoping to join a French conversation group to help us with the language which is our biggest barrier every year we hope to get a bit better……….. Please forgive our accent, oh and our spelling. This season I had put make yourself at home in French on our arrivals board. At the end of the season a customer helpfully pointed out that it was wrong. OOPS!

It's definitely autumnal now although the weather is unseasonably warm for October. Yesterday I watched my youngest daughter play football in my T-shirt. Unheard of!!

We are getting lots of bookings for next season and I would advise booking especially for glamping in the busy weeks. We hope to welcome back many of our British customers who have not been able to come for the last couple of seasons. Some have had their bookings carried over for 2 years and I really hope they can make it this time.

I hope that you are all enjoying the lovely weather and make the most of it. Can't wait to see you all soon and introduce Jacob and Rosie who will of course speak fluent French as soon as they start talking.

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