The 10th Season!!!

Can you believe this is our 10th season?!!!

We will be having a celebration on the 8th June at the campsite. Watch out for information. I am certainly 10 years older and do feel it as we are getting ready to open. We are both recovering from nasty viruses that have knocked us for six so preparing the campsite for the coming season has been slow and very tiring.

Of course Easter is early this year and so we are opening on the 29th March at the start of the Easter weekend.

At the moment the weather forecast is not too bad, but I would suggest warm clothes as it's certainly not bikini weather just yet. But there is plenty to do for country lovers. Long walks in the hills, strolling around the lake, fishing and cycling and of course, for the hardy, open water swimming. It is supposed to be invigorating and very good for your health...

The restaurant across the beach is also opening this weekend with culinary delights from all over the world. What ever is your thing we can offer you a tranquil Easter immersed in nature.

We have been working hard over the last few weeks to get the campsite ready for action. We've had issues with trees falling on electric boxes during storm Ciaran. I have had to dig round the huge upturned roots to find cables coming in and out of the flattened box. We did eventually find it over a metre deep, after a lot of digging. So the electrician can now put the new box in and hopefully it will work.

We have also been improving the shower cubicles. I can't wait to see what you think.

The grounds have been mowed, hedges cut and leaves raked so we can open the top area and the lake view area. We still have some work to do in the woodland area.

Glamping bookings start the weekend after Easter so we will be putting the tents up next week.

We have had a lovely visit from our grandchildren. My daughter and her partner have been helping with some of the heavy work but we have also had some lovely walks and beach days in the early spring sunshine.

They have returned to the UK now so for us it's all systems go. I had better get on cleaning the office out so that I can welcome you all at the weekend.

See you soon !!!

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